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About Gayatri yoga shala

Gayatri Yogashala is located in the Tapovan area on the sacred bank of the Ganges River in the city of Yoga, Rishikesh. This Yoga school provides a better place for yoga practitioners to practice yoga. With a clean environment, peace, essential facilities and a beautiful view of the Ganges River, this Yoga Ashram is an ideal place to learn yoga.
We have includes each and every aspect of yoga in our courses which is the root base of yoga. you can practice meditation, Yogic cleansing techniques, physical Asana practice, Adjustment and alignment classes, Breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, Mudras and Bandhas and Yoga anatomy, in the guidance of our well-educated teacher's. which will helps you to become a good yoga practitioner or a good yoga teacher. which provide 7 Days intensive yoga course/ 15 Days intensive yoga course 100 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course / 200 hours yoga teacher training course. With this we have a special designed Course for advanced yoga students, named Gayatri special yoga course. This 21 day course is specially designed for those students who are regular practitioners of yoga. Through this course, a practitioner can become more proficient in his practice.
A healthy body and a healthy mind are the birthright of every living being. Every creature born in the world is born with a healthy body and a healthy mind. But as he grows up, he becomes physically and mentally unwell due to the complexities, anxiety, depression, grief and despair of the present society. In the present times, yoga is the only means through which a person can regain his physical and mental health, but it is necessary that he can attain the true nature of yoga. Has been written and said. Now Yoga is not imprisoned within the borders of any one country. There are people in almost every part of the world. Those who have made yoga a part of their lifestyle. In essence, it can be said that currently there are two forms of yoga, on the one hand, there are those for whom yoga is the means of attaining salvation or looking within oneself, on the other hand, there are those who find themselves physically healthy and healthy To maintain, we have adopted yoga.
According to Hindu belief, Gayatri Mantra is considered a powerful mantra among all mantras. It is believed that just by chanting Gayatri Mantra, fruits equal to all Mantras can be obtained. Like Gayatri Mantra, it is our endeavor to make all the ancient and real disciplines of Yoga be united in the same formula and convey it to the people who believe in it. So that maximum benefits of yoga can be reached to people in the shortest possible time. We believe that these two current forms of yoga are complementary to each other and not to each other. In the absence of one, it cannot be imagined to achieve the other goal. We want to make both these forms of yoga accessible to the people with the help of modern technology through our various courses. Yoga is actually a path through the body to penetrate the inner depths. Which starts with the body. And a healthy body is the basis of a healthy mind. We are determined to make yoga accessible to people through our courses, which can be realized in our courses. We have not tried to impose our curriculum on people. But people have been given the right to choose subjects according to their need in the courses.

Our Yoga Teachers

Manoj Badhani

Owner/ Director


Yoga Teacher

Swami Omkaranand

Yoga Teacher

Yogi Vivek Bijalwan

Philosophy and Asana Teacher