Aim of Yoga

Aim of Yoga

Primary goal of yoga is to gain balance control of ones life, to free one from confusion and distend. To provide a sence of peace the comes from the practice of yogic exercises and the practice of breath control.

The ultimate aim of yoga is to experience truth in that highest state of yogic realization one can regain ones real nature. Yoga is therefore a spiritual guest. However along the path of yoga. The practitioner also gains, good health, happiness, tranquility and wisdom.

Yoga teaches how to achieve good health, inner peace and harmony. Thus the main goals are:-

• Physical Health
• Mental Health
• Social Health
• Spiritual Health
• Self Realization

Our Yoga Teachers

Manoj Badhani

Owner/ Director


Yoga Teacher

Swami Omkaranand

Yoga Teacher

Yogi Vivek Bijalwan

Philosophy and Asana Teacher